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邀请函包括宴会、舞会、晚餐、聚会、婚礼等各种邀请信件,形式上大体分为两种:一种为正规的格式 (formal correspondence;一种是非正式格式 (informal correspondence)。 邀请信一定要将邀请的时间(年、月、日、钟点)、地点、场合写清楚,不能使接信人存在任何疑虑。

例如:“I’d like you and Bob to come to Luncheon next Friday.”这句话中所指的是哪个星期五并不明确,所以应加上具体日期, “I’d like you and Bob to come to luncheon next Friday, May the fifth.”

1. 邀请共进午餐 Inviting a friend to informal luncheon

Dear [Zhang Ying]:

Will you come to luncheon on [Friday, May the fifth], at [twelve o’clock]?

My niece [Mary] is visiting us and I think you will enjoy meeting her. She is a charming, very pretty girl … and very good company! [John and Jane] will be here, and perhaps we can [give a dance] after luncheon. Do say you’ll come!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming


您能在[5月5日星期五中午12点钟] 来吃午饭吗?



2. 邀请朋友同他们不认识的人一起共进晚餐 Inviting friends to supper with the strangers

Dear [Susan]:

I know you are interested in [oil painting], so I’m sure you’ll be interested in [Mr. and Mrs. Lin dun]! They are coming here

to supper [next Sunday night, October th治疗癫痫病有偏方吗e twelfth], and we’d like you and [Walter] to come, too.

[Mr. and Mrs. Lin Dun] are that very charming couple we met in [London] last summer. They have a wonderful collection of [oil paintings of various stages]; and I understand that Mr. Lin Dun is quite an authority on [oil painting]. I’m sure you and Walter will thoroughly enjoy and evening in their company.

We’re planning supper at six; that will give us a nice long evening to talk. If I don’t hear from you before then, I’ll be expecting you on the [twelfth]!

Affectionately yours,

Li Ming






3. 邀请来家中小住及周末聚会 An invitation for a house and weekend party

Dear [Jane]:

I hope [you and Fred] haven’t any plan for the weekend of [July twenty-fourth] as we’d like you to spend it with us at [Far Acres]. It’s simply beautiful here now, with everything in bloom!

I think we can promise [Fred] some good fishing this year. The fish ar海西癫痫病医院哪里专业e biting better than ever! So bring your fishing clothes; and be sure to bring your tennis things, too, because [the Owens] are coming and I’m sure you’ll want to get out on the courts with them.

There’s a very good train [Friday night]; I’ve marked it in red on the timetable. It gets you here about [seven-thirty] which is just in time for dinner. You can get a late train back

[Sunday night], or there’s an early express that [Bob] usually takes on [Monday morning]. We hope nothing will prevent you from coming, as we’re looking forward to your visit … and I know [the Owens] are looking forward to seeing you again, too. Be sure to let us know what train you are taking so that [Bob] can meet you at the station.

Affectionately yours,






4. 邀请参加招待会 An invitation for a reception

Dear [Mr癫痫病专科医院. Smith]:

It would give [me/us] great pleasure to have your presence at a reception in honor of the Chinese delegation.

The reception will be held in the [the City Hall], on [Tuesday, October the fourth]. Cocktails will be served promptly at [six] to be followed b dinner at [eight].

[I/We] sincerely hope you can attend. Let [me/us] know.

Sincerely yours



招待会定于[10月4日(星期二)]在[市政厅]举行。[6点钟]准时举行[鸡犬不宁尾酒会], 随之在[8点钟]举行[正式的晚宴]。


5. 邀请 Inviting someone to address a meeting

Dear [Dr. Rodger]:

[The English Department of Nankai University] would like to extend to you an invitation to be our guest speaker at the [annual conference] to be held at the [meeting room] at [eight] o’clock, [Saturday morning, December the thirtieth, 1993].

As you know, the department is interested in [the 20th century English literature] Since you are familiar with the field, we know your views will be extremely interesting to us.

You will receive further details later, but we would appreciate having your acceptance soon so we may complete our agenda.






6. 邀请参加新厂开工典礼 Invitation to opening ceremony of new factory

Dear [Mr. Harrison]:

Our new factory will be commencing production on [April 10] and we should like to invite [you and your wife] to be present at a celebration to mark the occasion.

As you will appreciate this is an important milestone for this organization, and is the result of continued demand for our products, both at home and overseas. We are inviting all those individuals and trust that you will pay us the compliments of accepting.

Please confirm that you will be able to attend by advising us of your time ―― we can arrange for you to be met. All arrangements for your stay [overnight on April 10] will, of course, be made by us at our expense.

Yours faithfully,


本公司新厂将于[4月10日]开始投产,希望能邀请[贤伉俪]来参加新厂开工典礼。 如您所知,新厂的设立是本公司的一个里程碑,而这正是海内外对本公司产品不断需求的结果。我们邀请了所有对本公司的成功贡献一切力量的个人,我们相信,您一定会赏光。

如您确能参加,请来函告知您抵达的时间 ―― 以便我们为您安排会晤。当然,所有安排您在[10日晚间]夜宿的费用,皆将由公司代您支付。